Candice Breitz: The Audition, 2012; Courtesy: White Cube (London), Kaufmann Repetto (Milan) + Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg)
Candice Breitz: The Audition, 2012; Courtesy: White Cube (London), Kaufmann Repetto (Milan) + Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg)

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Erin O’Sullivan


The Sisters Hayes would like to know:

What did you (or do you) want to be when you grow up?
When i was younger i wanted to be an astronaut, and then in high school i wanted to be an author, and in university i wanted to be some kind of hybrid artist/politician.

Now i don’t think i want to grow up any more.

How many siblings do you have and what is your birth order (oldest, middle child, youngest, only child)?
I have two siblings, and i am the eldest.

Are you doing what you love with your life? Why or Why not?
Kind of. I’m working a crappy retail job which is emphatically not what i want to be doing with my life. But I’m also studying, which is what i want to do with my life. How do people decide they’ve learnt enough? How do people learn when they work full time?

What is your favourite hobby or past time? Is this something you prefer to do alone or with others and why?
I like to read. This is generally something like to do alone, especially if i am reading erotic (fan) fiction. It’s more fun if i can talk to people about it afterwards, though. We can rejoice if it was good, or write long, scathing and ultimately pointless essays on it if it was bad.

What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod that you do not want to delete?
Everything ever by Fall Out Boy. I just really like pop punk.

Describe an important place to you. Include things like what season or time of day it is. Also let us know of any important smells or colours you associate with that place.
My Grandmothers lounge room, before she died. The carpet was white and new, the walls were pale blue. The TV was big and boxy with faux-wood around the edges. There was a squat and floral couch. The rest of the furniture – side tables mostly – were wooden and old, and the phone was on one of them. The ubiquitous white model with square grey buttons.

It was always summer, and the air conditioning was amazingly cold. I would sit in front of the TV, wearing one of my aunts old orange and purple ski suits, zipped up, watching re-runs of black and white doctor who.

What three things do you ‘feel you need’ to carry with you (other than your phone, wallet or keys)?
Ipod, handkerchief, book.

What fictional character do you most identify with and why?
Sacharissa Cripslock, the ”Somewhat eclectically attractive” reporter and editor. Enjoys crossing out adjectives used by other people. Devious. Married but goes by ”Miss” (emphatically so). She’s from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

What book OR movie do you enjoy reading/watching over and over again?
I enjoy re-reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, as well as Nightrunner, by Lynn Flewelling.

Describe something you wear that makes you feel confident, happy or powerful.
Big, black, heavy boots.