Candice Breitz: The Audition, 2012; Courtesy: White Cube (London), Kaufmann Repetto (Milan) + Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg)
Candice Breitz: The Audition, 2012; Courtesy: White Cube (London), Kaufmann Repetto (Milan) + Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg)

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Wei Huang


The Sisters Hayes would like to know:

What did you (or do you) want to be when you grow up?
I can’t remember. I probably wanted to be a doctor because my parents wanted me to be one.

How many siblings do you have and what is your birth order (oldest, middle child, youngest, only child)?
1 younger sister.

Are you doing what you love with your life? Why or Why not?
No, because I am from a working class background without relevant social and actual capital to pursue the thing I want to do which does not really fit into a capitalist system – as in for now I need to have a day job. I haven’t been able to attach myself to forms of hegemony which let me ’advance’, mostly out of refusal, partly out of exclusion

What is your favourite hobby or past time? Is this something you prefer to do alone or with others and why?
I enjoy designing typefaces (fonts) I enjoy doing it alone because it is difficult to do it with others at the same time – i.e. a one person activity done in front of you on paper or screen is hard to accommodate multiple participants. Also I enjoy the solitary making to assert authorship. But typefaces (fonts) themselves are tools which then get used by anyone to do anything!

What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod that you do not want to delete?
Depends who’s looking. I don’t believe taste should be used to judge people. Which is what embarrassment is about – fear of judgement.

Describe an important place to you. Include things like what season or time of day it is. Also let us know of any important smells or colours you associate with that place.
China, Fujian province, this is where I was born and then left before I could remember at the age of 3 then sent back to with my 4 year old sister at the age of 7 until 9 and separated from my parents. It smells burnt – because they are burning incense and always burning things like at my grandfather’s funeral where they made a 10m tall fire of all his possessions. It is always kind of hazy with smog. Red is always there because it is auspicious.

What three things do you ‘feel you need’ to carry with you (other than your phone, wallet or keys)?
Antidepressants, headphones and Kindle.

What fictional character do you most identify with and why?
I have identified with the protagonists in ’The King of Devils’ Island’ who are part of a group of youth in the early 1900s sent to a prison colony called Bastoy – a tiny island off Norway for being ’juvenile delinquents’. There they are abused, demeaned and demolished of their humanity. It’s something I can identify with having lived with a totalitarian abusive father and guardians. The characters are fictional but based on real events.

What book OR movie do you enjoy reading/watching over and over again?
I don’t have any. I prefer snippets and bits of works. The ones I can always do over and over are those that remind me of how we are all human – and what that means universally.

Describe something you wear that makes you feel confident, happy or powerful.
My veneer of cynicism and willingness to humour.